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Air ducts and dryers | Groupe Supair, MontrealGroupe Supair

Air ducts and dryers: clean pipes for healthier air

Air ventilation ducts tend to accumulate dust, allergens, debris, and contaminants of all kinds: this is natural, since any air—whether pure or contaminated—passes through them from one room to the other.

That’s why a regular deep cleaning is important: as well as affecting your HVAC systems’ performance, these accumulations have a direct effect on the quality of the air you breathe every day! We offer air quality testing to ensure you live in an optimal environment.

Dryer vents

Dryer vents accumulate a huge amount of lint and dust over the years. Imagine: all that lint you take out of your dryer’s filter is just a fraction of what is in the vent at the back.

If not cleaned regularly, the vent can become blocked and significantly reduce your dryer’s effectiveness; or even worse, it can be a serious fire hazard, and the humidity of wet clothing can accumulate in the laundry room and in the dust plug, causing mold to form.

Regular maintenance will help extend the life of your dryer and protect you against eventual risks caused by a blocked vent. Request a free quote today.